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Hi I wanted to update my profile so i actually have 2 stories on there instead of erasing the 1st i just added onto it! Thank for reding my page!

Hello, I am Mandy, I am 23 years old and a  mommy of 2 angels who I am desperate to make sure they have a CHRISTMAS like most other kids do! I can not imagine not being able to play Santa Clause the night of Christmas when they fall to sleep! I remember as child the joy and excitment i felt when i was waiting to fall asleep for santa to come and I want my babies to be able to feel the same way! Christmas Last year was so emmotional and I literally felt like I had failed as a parent. I did everything I could to make there christmas exciting to them since it was my daughters 1sr christmas I really felt like a failure when they woke up on christmas morning they had some things, the things was items that I had put up a few months before that they didnt play with and a few things I was able to get at the dollar store and they actually didnt even no what to do with the toys because they wasnt really for there age bc baby items are expensive alot of times. That afternoon we went to my moms in Minor Hill which is 2 hours away and the kids did get some things from them that they could enjoy,that did help alot but I still felt like they deserved a Christmas Morning w/Santa and then go to grandma's house w/there santa toys to show the family there!! I also no that Chistmas isnt all about toys and gifts,but the main reason is to celebrate Jesus's Birth and my kids will be taught that as they will also see the programs and plays at churches around christmas time.I believe that making sure our kids understand the true meaning of christmas is a GREAT THING TO DO! So that they will be able to celebrate what the gifts are for and why they get the gifts they get for christmas! I no my babies are only 3 and 2 but I am starting to teach them early in life the meaning of alot of things in life that they can understand 

But if there is anyone who can help me out with this or if you can give any advice on giving my babies a christmas morning PLEASE DO SO! ANY INFO IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! I also want to say my prayers are with all the other families going through this situation BCI no how much it hurts not being able to do for your babies what they deserve! I said last year that I would not stop looking for work until I found a job or literally gave out and Im still looking but there arent any jobs anywhere for anything if you dont have a college degree or if you have babies they are like sorry...but hopefully year 2010 will bring us all GREAT Times to come and our Economy will improve for the better for everyone the homeless,poor,average,and the wealthy! Im also hoping to see the ones who are wealthy and who can afford to help families as mine and many other families at this Special Time of the year actually helping as much as possible to make our world a better,loving,caring,joyful,place to live in!!

Thank You to Everyone who has read my Story!

God Bless & Happy Holidays To ALL 

contact info:


and please only serious people no jokes or pranks or people saying rude things. everyone needs help in life at 1 time or another!

 Hayden Carter and Abbagail Loise they are my world, my life, my soul! We are in a bind now and really need some help getting on our feet! I was diagnosed with R.A and Lupus about a year ago and two months ago I found out that my cervical cancer has came back and they will have to do more serious treatments this time....being 23 and still so young maybe its easier keeping it together and keeping a hold on my life for my kids but its getting very hard and when i look at my babies and they are looking at me as for i am the 1 person that they look and turn to for anything and everything in life they no nothing else but that..i fund myself feeling ashamed at times for not being able to provide everything i want for them and to take them to the park to play,go to a disney movie and things like that. They only place they get to go is to the grocery when we have a way and to my dr appt or theres if we have a ride to go! WHAT I WANT IN LIFE AND WHY I NEED A CAR SO BAD..I want for me to be able to wake up each morning and drink a cup of coffee then wake my babies up w a good morning kiss and feed them breakfast and get them ready bc they would go to daycare with other kids, and I would be off to work and school some days work half and go to school half! then i would go pick them up and we would go by the park or something for family time together then we would head home for supper and baths and get all tucked in together!!! Then be ready for the next day of life that God brings us! That is what i want for my family now we arent able to go anywhere..i am not able to work so we have no income bc we have no vehichle the world is tough these days but if we all work together for each other we will make a differece! 

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We live in the most powerful and wealthiest country in the World, yet we citizens must struggle so hard simply to put food on the table. I am so sorry to hear of your issue, and wish I had the ability to help you and everyone else here.
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